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Not a Blog!

Yes I've decided to blog....or not!

Posted on 27 April, 2016 at 20:25

Well, finally I have pushed myself to start writing.  The urge has been there for a long time and I said for years that there is a book or two inside of me, I just don't know what it is yet... I still don't.  However, I finally feel that it is time to write and I need to write every single day (my chart says so but more on that later).  So I thought a blog was the way to start and we'll see where it goes from there. 

Blog.  I hate the word... I don't feel that it adequately expresses the creative element that goes into writing.  So I decided to Google the etymology of the word "Blog".  Turns out it is an abbreviation for the word "Weblog".  http/  Nah, I still hate it.  So I need to come up with another name for my writings.  However, instead of getting hung up on what I will call it and procrastinate about starting until I find the perfect name, which is what I would normally do (how very Virgo of me), I'm pushing through and going to call it "Not a Blog!".

I am brand new to blogging.  I have never done it before, I have no idea if there are rules or an etiquette to blogging.  I wouldn't have a clue!  I've never really thought anyone cared much about what I thought or did with my day as a stay at home mum of three kids under 4 or now as a mum with three kids in primary school.  Maybe people still don't care about what I have to say or think.  However, I've realised that it is not about having people like it.  I've realised that I love to write.  I love the written word, I love the creative process of writing.  When I was studying my Psychology degree, I loved getting my creative teeth stuck into an essay. Although I hated writing Lab Reports and referencing.  Getting marked down for having a full stop in the wrong spot in my APS (Australian Psycological Society) referencing and being told that this is "not 3rd year standard." really made me question the profession I was getting into.  Does a full stop in the wrong spot make me a bad psychologist?  How does this affect my ability to help clients?  

Anyway, I digress... I love to write and for many years I missed it but didn't realise that was what I was missing.  I'm currently studying Astrology and I'm loving being able to express myself through writing essays about what I am learning.  It was through my studies that I realised that I need to write.  Mercury, the planet of communication, language, learning, is in Capricorn in my 6th house.  The 6th house is about daily routines, work and health.  It is the place where we create rituals that supports our well being.  So in order to support my well-being, I realised that I need to write every day.  It needs to be a part of my everyday routine.  With Capricorn, on my 6th house cusp it gives me structure, which is something I need.  For those who know me well know that I have spreadsheets and to-do lists to keep me running to a schedule.  This may seem to be the antithesis of creativity but I feel that there is creativity in structure as well.  Creativity does not have to mean that your life is chaotic or unstructured.  I believe that you can be a creative being but still have your shit together!  ;) 

So there you have it, my blog that we are not calling a blog until I can figure out what I am calling this thing.  At this stage, I'm not sure what I will be writing about but I feel there will be a mix of a whole lot of different things from energy healing and astrology to things that are happening in my world and the world on a collective level.  

If you get a kick out of anything I write, feel free to leave a comment.  Be nice, be respectful and I reserve the right to remove any offensive, derogative or disrespectful comments from my website.  Scroll, don't troll is my motto!



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