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Keep calm and understand retrograde planets - Part 2

Posted on 4 May, 2016 at 20:20

Part two on retrograde planets explores the Social Planets, Jupiter and Saturn.


Jupiter retrogrades around every 13 months for about four months, Jupiter is a planet of expansion on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is about a search for meaning and truth in life, your faith in life (i.e. religion, spiritual beliefs). During a Jupiter retrograde it is a good time to revisit your beliefs ensuring they are in alignment with who you are. A time to drop outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. The sign that Jupiter is retrograding through usually points to what area of your life you may be revisiting. With Jupiter retrograding in Virgo, you may find you are reviewing your beliefs on health and daily routines. Jupiter being the planets of opportunities (and some say luck) you may find that in a retrograde period, those opportunities come in roundabout ways, ways that you are not expecting.  The current Jupiter retrograde period will end on May 9th 2016 and will go retrograde again in February 2017.  


Saturn retrogrades for four and a half months every year. It is the planet of boundaries, restrictions and karma. It is the planet of authority and law. During a Saturn retrograde you may find that there are hard lessons to learn. During a Saturn retrograde you may find restrictions around an area of your life that you cannot move forward. It is best to try and understand the reasoning behind the restrictions if you can and understand that perhaps there are lessons for you to learn before you can move forward. You may find yourself being too hard on yourself or those around you. Saturn is about your own authority as well so watch for power struggles and over-exerting your authority over others during this period. This is a good time to revisit and perhaps revise your ambitions.  The current Saturn retrograde period ends on August 13th 2016. 

The final part of retrograde planets will look at the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Watch this space...

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