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Crystal Healings

Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing, using the healing properties of crystals to help balance and heal your energy.  As you lay on the healing table, fully clothed, I work with your energy to balance your chakras, cleanse your aura and clear away negative energy.  Clients leave feeling relaxed, balanced and often with a clearer and positive perspective.  

Your session is your time to relax and receive healing so here are some tips to get the most out of your session.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to take your shoes off.  I have an eye pillow to help you fall into deeper relaxation.
  • Be open to receiving healing.  If it is your first time it is understandable not knowing what to expect but just know that you are in a safe environment to open up and heal.
  • During a crystal healing I will hover my hands over your body but only usually touch your head, arms or feet.  Please advise if you are ticklish or are uncomfortable with me touching your feet.  
  • Crystals will be placed on and around your body.  Don't worry if they fall off during your healing.  It just means they have done their work. 
  • Emotions may surface during a healing.  It is ok to release those emotions and this may happen through crying or coughing etc.  Allow yourself to release those emotions.  
  • It is fine for you to fall asleep and don't be embarrassed if you snore.  
  • After your healing, I will offer you a glass of water to help ground you and we will discuss what came up during your healing.  I will ensure you are grounded enough to get home safely.  
  • In the days after your healing, ensure you drink plenty of water and be aware that healing may still be occurring and emotions may surface.  Honour those feelings and allow them to be released.  

A lot of work goes into your healing prior to your arrival.  I ensure the space is cleansed both physically and energetically.  I connect to your energy before you arrive and call on the Universe to provide what you require for healing.  I also ensure that your energy is protected and you are grounded before you leave.  

Please also be aware that a healing is not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or prescription.  Please consider this is a complementary therapy to your ongoing health and wellbeing.   Your privacy is respected at all times and your sessions are strictly confidential.  

Session Cost & Duration: 

Adults:  $50  - Allow 1.5 hours (1 hour on table, 30 mins debriefing)  

Children: $25 - Allow 1 hour (30 mins on table, 30 mins debriefing with parent or child) 

Prices subject to change without notification.  You will be advised of the cost at the time of booking.