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Here are some links to a few webpages that have helped me along the way or are just awesome!


Although Bec is not taking bookings for healing for the time being, check out her page as she is AWESOME!!  Kick Ass Healer.  Enough said.  

Phoenix Gateway

Em is an awesome healer who taught me Crystal Light Healing.  She sells amazing crystals and creates templates and essences.  Her knowledge is phenomenal.    

Universal Life Tools

Simone Matthews is the creator of Crystal Light Healing, so for more information on the modality check out her website.  

Sacred Familiar

Julia and Tony are amazing and I received a profound past life healing from them that helped me shift some blockages and move further along my path.  

Happy k creations

Kate makes beautiful succulent plant creations and is the most gentlest soul I know.   

Natural Energies College


Cadence Health

International Institue of Complementary Therapies